Trump Red Cap Collectible Ornament

Ornament collector? Keep an eye on the price of the official Donald J. Trump red cap collectible ornament. Will the value rise or will it fall?

Merry Christmas! I hope you've had a wonderful holiday season and that your tree this year was covered in the most beautiful ornaments ever. Today, the day after the big day, is traditionally a great day to go shopping for bargains, including half-off decorations for next year, and is also the perfect day to start looking for special, collectible ornaments for the future.

Speaking of collectible ornaments, I just have to mention one of the most controversial collectible ornaments in American political history, or at least of the 2016 election season. Did you see it? Were you able to snag one? In case you're out of the loop, I'm talking about the official Donald J. Trump red cap collectible ornament, the bright red, brass ball cap finished in 24K gold and emblazoned with the words, "Make America Great Again." Its introduction certainly raised some eyebrows with its asking price of $149.

Of course a true collector will judge an item for its potential value and not necessarily for its original list price. And who cares what political party you support when you're looking to make a good investment?

You don't have to be a Trump supporter to be an ornament collector and this is one that very possibly will gain in value over the coming four years, eight years, or even longer. Political collectibles are hot and fun to collect so it's good to keep your eyes open for them at a good price.

What Is the Red Ball Cap Ornament Worth Today?

I've seen the Trump ornament with "sold" prices that average around the original asking price of $149, but I've also seen some that sold for over $200. If you do some searching, you might even find the official ornament listed as low as $89. It's hard to say what will happen to the price in the coming days or the coming years, but if this is an ornament that interests you, I'd suggest checking the price on eBay right away and keeping an eye on some of the auctions and "make an offer" listings.

Search here to check current prices on eBay:

When you go bargain hunting, don't forget the mantra of all collectors, caveat emptor. Make sure you know exactly what you're buying and always check shipping costs (which sometimes are greatly inflated) as well as the reputation of the seller.

So what do you think, will the Donald J. Trump "Make America Great Again" ballcap ornament go up in value or will it end up worthy of only a "you're fired" declaration?

Is the official red ball cap ornament, trimmed in gold, out of your price range? Consider this acrylic ornament as an election year memento.
P.S. If the official red cap collectible ornament is out of your price range, consider adding this simple but elegant acrylic version to your ornament collection as a memento of the unforgettable 2016 presidential election season.

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Ornament collector? Keep an eye on the price of the official Donald J. Trump red cap collectible ornament. Will the value rise or will it fall?