Personalized Memorial Ornaments

In honor of those who have gone on before us, here are two personalized memorial ornaments that would make great remembrances for families who have lost loved ones.

Memorial Ornaments: Helping Us Remember

This year, another dear family member won't be with us for Christmas. Instead, she's spending the holidays in Heaven.

This scenario is true for many families, perhaps yours or that of someone else who is close to your heart. To honor those who have gone on before us, and to keep their memories alive, I've chosen a couple of personalized memorial ornaments that would make great remembrances for families who have lost loved ones.

The two ornaments that I chose to feature here are both created by top-quality artisans who take great pride in their work. Whichever style you choose, you can be sure that you'll receive a high-quality handmade item.

Both artisans are highly rated by their hundreds of happy customers, and either will welcome your personalized order as they create your memorial ornament with the greatest of loving care.

Handstamped Angel in Heaven Memorial Ornament

Handstamped Angel in Heaven Memorial Ornament by StampedUnderTheMoon on Etsy
Metal Memorial Ornament from StampedUnderTheMoon
"We know you would be here celebrating today, if heaven wasn't so far away." That's the sentiment that appears along the edge of this 2-inch handstamped, textured metal memorial ornament. Attached on top of the golden disc is a beautiful copper heart stamped with your loved one's name, and a sterling silver angel charm adorns the heart. A red satin ribbon is included to use for hanging the ornament on the tree.

Besides the touching message, I love the layers and colors in this ornament. This would make a beautiful, long-lasting keepsake to honor the memory of a relative or friend.

The ornament, designed and made especially for you by Stamped Under The Moon, arrives in a velvet pouch, inside a gift box, and also comes with a polishing cloth. What a beautiful gift this would make.

Heart-Shaped In Memory Of Fabric Ornament

Heart-Shaped In Memory Of Fabric Ornament by WordHeart on Etsy
Heart-Shaped Fabric Memorial Ornament by WordHeart

Here's another choice, this one a heart made from fabric and totally customizable by you. Choose the fabric shown or select another from the twenty prints available when you order. With that many choices, you're sure to find exactly the look you want.

The message on this sample fabric heart ornament reads, "In our hearts forever" and includes a full name and a special nickname ("Grandma" in this case) if you'd like to include one, followed by a date. It's entirely up to you what to say in the available space; just let Paula at WordHeart know in a note on the order form.

Not only are you able to personalize the name and message on this memorial ornament, you'll also have the opportunity to choose what goes inside the stuffed fabric heart. Choose high-quality polyester stuffing either with or without Christmas-scented aroma beads.

You'll be proud to hang this beautiful, custom memorial ornament from the old-fashioned button and twine loop hanger that's attached to the top of the heart. What a wonderful keepsake for yourself or a friend.  

If you'll be missing a relative for the first time this year, I am very sorry for your loss. I hope you have happy memories to look back on, as our family will have, and I hope one of these personalized memorial ornaments helps to bring you comfort.

(Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article.)


  1. What a lovely idea. Our loved ones are always with us in our hearts, now we can remember them in a more concrete way. Thank you for this lovely idea.

    1. I'm glad you like the idea, Grammie O. Thank you!

  2. The first few holidays after a loved one dies are really difficult. These ornaments would make pretty reminders of the ones who can no longer be with us at Christmas. I don't think I could hang them the first year, but the following years they would be more of a salve and a way to remind ourselves that our loved one is, in a way, still with us because they are still in our hearts.

    1. The first year, of course, is the hardest. As you said, memorial ornaments remind us that our loved one is still in our hearts. I like that comforting thought. Thank you, Cynthia.

  3. I love these! I've seen memorial ornaments, but none I've liked as much as these two.

    1. Glad you liked my choices, Dawn. They both "felt right" to me when I saw them, too. Thanks!

  4. Very sweet way to remember a loved one at Christmas time.

  5. I really like both these ornaments in remembrance of those who've left us. This entire blog is beautifully done. Susan, I appreciate you more than you know. :)

    1. Nancy, thank you so very much for your thoughtful comment. <3