Cornucopia Stained Glass Ornament for Thanksgiving

When it comes to home decor, November and Thanksgiving often get shortchanged. That’s why I love this stained glass cornucopia ornament for fall.
Handmade, Hand Painted Stained Glass Cornucopia
When we think of "ornaments" we usually think of those that are used to decorate our Christmas trees. But really, if we stop there we're missing out on many other seasonal ornaments that look beautiful in our homes, and make our homes more beautiful, during other seasons of the year.

For instance, fall and harvest decor is very popular throughout the months of October and November. Halloween dominates October, of course, but instead of jumping directly from Halloween to Christmas, I think November and its major holiday of Thanksgiving often get shortchanged. That's why I really like stained glass ornaments for fall.

Featured here is a gorgeous high quality, handmade, hand painted stained glass cornucopia ornament, perfect to display anytime but especially throughout November and particularly the week of Thanksgiving.

This stained glass cornucopia ornament would be beautiful hanging from a suction cup in a sunny window, casting colorful autumn lights as the sun catches the beautiful shades of orange, green, gold, yellow, and brown. Or give your cornucopia a place of honor with its own beautiful metal stand. Click here to see the stand featured with a different seasonal ornament, a summer morning glory.

The cornucopia ornament is from Switchables which brings up yet another method of displaying stained glass ornaments. The purpose of Switchables originally was to use an ornament with a night light and switch them out during different seasons, for holidays, or just because you want a different look. The Switchables Nightlight Fixture features a hook from which you hang the ornament of your choice. Clever, practical, and beautiful!

A display featuring this pretty cornucopia, or perhaps another stained glass ornament with a fall theme, is a perfect way to call attention to the autumn season and the Thanksgiving holiday. As sunlight or a nightlight shines through the beautiful glass you will be reminded to give thanks for the abundance of what you have. What a wonderful way to honor November!

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