Baby's First Christmas Ornaments

Personalize your baby's first Christmas ornament with a name or a picture. Here are some adorable examples from
Our family has a special, blessed event coming up in a couple of months. We're expecting our first grandchild! So I know that it won't be long before I'll be shopping for a gift for little Jack, his baby's first Christmas ornament.

I plan to choose a personalized ornament, one with his name on it, partly because I know he'll love it as he gets older and learns to read his name. I also think personalizing a baby ornament with a name will help to distinguish his ornaments from those of his siblings in the future.  (Yes, I'm planning ahead. We're hoping the coming years bring a few siblings and cousins.)

Personalize Your Ornament With a Picture

Besides using the child's name, one of the most special ways of personalizing a baby's first Christmas ornament is to use his (or her) picture. This ornament, with the baby in the Santa hat is a simple design, but what makes it special is the adorable photo. It's so seasonal with the bright red and white and will really stand out against the green of the tree.

This is a porcelain ornament, printed on both sides and fully customizable with your own high-resolution photo. Of course you can personalize the name, the year, and even the message if you like, too. It's really quite easy to create a personalized product on Zazzle and costs nothing to experiment, so feel free to click on the ornament and give it a try.

Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments With a Theme

Instead of using a photo to create a baby's first Christmas ornament, we might decide to choose a special interest theme, like this adorable sailboat ornament. Jack's "Pop" loves sailing, so this would be a really good choice as a special gift from Pop to his grandson. As before, the template is set up and all we (or you) need to do is change the name and date.

Note that the back of this ornament is plain. Since that is the case, I probably would either duplicate the design on the other side or add a simple message on the back. In fact, there are pens available to write on porcelain so a special message in Pop's handwriting would really make this ornament even more of a keepsake. Possibilities for personalization are limited only by your imagination.

Baby's First Christmas Ornaments for Girls

We've been concentrating on baby boy Christmas ornaments, but there are plenty of beautiful first Christmas designs for baby girls, too. Zazzle also has ornaments in other shapes and styles like the simple round porcelain ornaments above. I love this pewter snowflake ornament (below) that also allows you to customize it with your baby girl's photo and, of course, to personalize the name and date. Wouldn't this precious ornament look pretty on a Christmas tree? There's a coordinating boy version, too. Ah, twins!

Whether you're shopping for an ornament for yourself, a family member, or a friend, you're sure to find a baby's first Christmas ornament that is perfect for your situation as you explore the links above. There are other places to shop, too. In fact, you won't want to miss this selection of baby ornaments from Etsy. Have fun browsing and let us know what you choose!

(Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article.)

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