Angel Tree Topper That Stands Up Straight

Looking for a Christmas tree topper ornament that stands up straight? Found 'em, starting with this beautiful angel.
Straight, Uniquely Elegant Tree Toppers from SummitArbor on Etsy

Isn't this a unique, beautiful angel tree topper, perfect atop the gorgeous Christmas tree below it? How nice that the angel is so tall and straight. Thing is, so many tree toppers lean. No matter how we attach them to those skinny upper branches and how many times we try to get them straight, tree toppers almost always lean. They tilt. They get crooked. They fall over. They steal our Christmas joy.

Until now.

Happily, the good people at SummitArbor have invented a bracket and pole setup that keep their tree toppers straight. There's a pole involved, the bracketing device, and straps that are also provided with the tree topper. When you order this beautiful angel or any of their other ornaments (they're all unique and amazingly beautiful) your tree topper will stay straight.

Meaning vertical. Straight up and down.

Yes, seriously.

Don't thank me, I'm just the messenger.

The credit goes to SummitArbor's device called The Shepherd’s Staff™. Click on the link to read their complete explanation of the device and to see their collection of tree toppers that include this beautiful angel, Santa figures that I truly love, more angel figures, a couple of adorable hens, beautiful cardinals, the holy family, and more. I promise, there will be one (or several) that you'll love and that will complement your tree's theme. And they'll all stand up straight.

Okay, you're welcome.

So you'll know, the tree topper ornaments themselves are made from a resin material that makes them light despite their size; weight varies between two and three pounds each. Dimensions are included on each ornament's listing page (the angel in the picture is about 13 inches tall).  Oh, and these tree toppers with The Shepherd’s Staff™ can be used on either real or artificial trees.

Because you invest lots of time and money into choosing ornaments then putting up and decorating the perfect Christmas tree, isn't it important that you top it off with class, with one of these beautiful, unique tree toppers that stand up straight?

I thought so.

So tell me, which tree topper (that stands up straight) will you choose?

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  1. What a great idea. I think I broke our last topper after it fell off the top of the tree.

    1. You're in good company, I'm sure, Grammie O! Yes, very glad someone figured out how to make tree toppers stay upright.

  2. what a great review. I had the prettiest angel for years, but she always leaned and it drove me crazy. Thank you for this!

    1. You're welcome, Dawn Rae. I'm sure millions of others can relate to that experience, including me. Love that the very nice folks at Summit Arbor figured out how to solve the problem!