Trump Red Cap Collectible Ornament

Ornament collector? Keep an eye on the price of the official Donald J. Trump red cap collectible ornament. Will the value rise or will it fall?

Merry Christmas! I hope you've had a wonderful holiday season and that your tree this year was covered in the most beautiful ornaments ever. Today, the day after the big day, is traditionally a great day to go shopping for bargains, including half-off decorations for next year, and is also the perfect day to start looking for special, collectible ornaments for the future.

Speaking of collectible ornaments, I just have to mention one of the most controversial collectible ornaments in American political history, or at least of the 2016 election season. Did you see it? Were you able to snag one? In case you're out of the loop, I'm talking about the official Donald J. Trump red cap collectible ornament, the bright red, brass ball cap finished in 24K gold and emblazoned with the words, "Make America Great Again." Its introduction certainly raised some eyebrows with its asking price of $149.

Of course a true collector will judge an item for its potential value and not necessarily for its original list price. And who cares what political party you support when you're looking to make a good investment?

You don't have to be a Trump supporter to be an ornament collector and this is one that very possibly will gain in value over the coming four years, eight years, or even longer. Political collectibles are hot and fun to collect so it's good to keep your eyes open for them at a good price.

What Is the Red Ball Cap Ornament Worth Today?

I've seen the Trump ornament with "sold" prices that average around the original asking price of $149, but I've also seen some that sold for over $200. If you do some searching, you might even find the official ornament listed as low as $89. It's hard to say what will happen to the price in the coming days or the coming years, but if this is an ornament that interests you, I'd suggest checking the price on eBay right away and keeping an eye on some of the auctions and "make an offer" listings.

Search here to check current prices on eBay:

When you go bargain hunting, don't forget the mantra of all collectors, caveat emptor. Make sure you know exactly what you're buying and always check shipping costs (which sometimes are greatly inflated) as well as the reputation of the seller.

So what do you think, will the Donald J. Trump "Make America Great Again" ballcap ornament go up in value or will it end up worthy of only a "you're fired" declaration?

Is the official red ball cap ornament, trimmed in gold, out of your price range? Consider this acrylic ornament as an election year memento.
P.S. If the official red cap collectible ornament is out of your price range, consider adding this simple but elegant acrylic version to your ornament collection as a memento of the unforgettable 2016 presidential election season.

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Ornament collector? Keep an eye on the price of the official Donald J. Trump red cap collectible ornament. Will the value rise or will it fall?

Personalized Memorial Ornaments

In honor of those who have gone on before us, here are two personalized memorial ornaments that would make great remembrances for families who have lost loved ones.

Memorial Ornaments: Helping Us Remember

This year, another dear family member won't be with us for Christmas. Instead, she's spending the holidays in Heaven.

This scenario is true for many families, perhaps yours or that of someone else who is close to your heart. To honor those who have gone on before us, and to keep their memories alive, I've chosen a couple of personalized memorial ornaments that would make great remembrances for families who have lost loved ones.

The two ornaments that I chose to feature here are both created by top-quality artisans who take great pride in their work. Whichever style you choose, you can be sure that you'll receive a high-quality handmade item.

Both artisans are highly rated by their hundreds of happy customers, and either will welcome your personalized order as they create your memorial ornament with the greatest of loving care.

Handstamped Angel in Heaven Memorial Ornament

Handstamped Angel in Heaven Memorial Ornament by StampedUnderTheMoon on Etsy
Metal Memorial Ornament from StampedUnderTheMoon
"We know you would be here celebrating today, if heaven wasn't so far away." That's the sentiment that appears along the edge of this 2-inch handstamped, textured metal memorial ornament. Attached on top of the golden disc is a beautiful copper heart stamped with your loved one's name, and a sterling silver angel charm adorns the heart. A red satin ribbon is included to use for hanging the ornament on the tree.

Besides the touching message, I love the layers and colors in this ornament. This would make a beautiful, long-lasting keepsake to honor the memory of a relative or friend.

The ornament, designed and made especially for you by Stamped Under The Moon, arrives in a velvet pouch, inside a gift box, and also comes with a polishing cloth. What a beautiful gift this would make.

Heart-Shaped In Memory Of Fabric Ornament

Heart-Shaped In Memory Of Fabric Ornament by WordHeart on Etsy
Heart-Shaped Fabric Memorial Ornament by WordHeart

Here's another choice, this one a heart made from fabric and totally customizable by you. Choose the fabric shown or select another from the twenty prints available when you order. With that many choices, you're sure to find exactly the look you want.

The message on this sample fabric heart ornament reads, "In our hearts forever" and includes a full name and a special nickname ("Grandma" in this case) if you'd like to include one, followed by a date. It's entirely up to you what to say in the available space; just let Paula at WordHeart know in a note on the order form.

Not only are you able to personalize the name and message on this memorial ornament, you'll also have the opportunity to choose what goes inside the stuffed fabric heart. Choose high-quality polyester stuffing either with or without Christmas-scented aroma beads.

You'll be proud to hang this beautiful, custom memorial ornament from the old-fashioned button and twine loop hanger that's attached to the top of the heart. What a wonderful keepsake for yourself or a friend.  

If you'll be missing a relative for the first time this year, I am very sorry for your loss. I hope you have happy memories to look back on, as our family will have, and I hope one of these personalized memorial ornaments helps to bring you comfort.

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Angel Tree Topper That Stands Up Straight

Looking for a Christmas tree topper ornament that stands up straight? Found 'em, starting with this beautiful angel.
Straight, Uniquely Elegant Tree Toppers from SummitArbor on Etsy

Isn't this a unique, beautiful angel tree topper, perfect atop the gorgeous Christmas tree below it? How nice that the angel is so tall and straight. Thing is, so many tree toppers lean. No matter how we attach them to those skinny upper branches and how many times we try to get them straight, tree toppers almost always lean. They tilt. They get crooked. They fall over. They steal our Christmas joy.

Until now.

Happily, the good people at SummitArbor have invented a bracket and pole setup that keep their tree toppers straight. There's a pole involved, the bracketing device, and straps that are also provided with the tree topper. When you order this beautiful angel or any of their other ornaments (they're all unique and amazingly beautiful) your tree topper will stay straight.

Meaning vertical. Straight up and down.

Yes, seriously.

Don't thank me, I'm just the messenger.

The credit goes to SummitArbor's device called The Shepherd’s Staff™. Click on the link to read their complete explanation of the device and to see their collection of tree toppers that include this beautiful angel, Santa figures that I truly love, more angel figures, a couple of adorable hens, beautiful cardinals, the holy family, and more. I promise, there will be one (or several) that you'll love and that will complement your tree's theme. And they'll all stand up straight.

Okay, you're welcome.

So you'll know, the tree topper ornaments themselves are made from a resin material that makes them light despite their size; weight varies between two and three pounds each. Dimensions are included on each ornament's listing page (the angel in the picture is about 13 inches tall).  Oh, and these tree toppers with The Shepherd’s Staff™ can be used on either real or artificial trees.

Because you invest lots of time and money into choosing ornaments then putting up and decorating the perfect Christmas tree, isn't it important that you top it off with class, with one of these beautiful, unique tree toppers that stand up straight?

I thought so.

So tell me, which tree topper (that stands up straight) will you choose?

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Vintage Art Baby Jesus Nativity Ornament

The vintage art on this Baby Jesus Nativity Ornament evokes memories of an old-fashioned Christmas and days gone by.
Vintage Christmas Baby Jesus Nativity Ornament from Zazzle

Beautiful Ornament for an Old-Fashioned Christmas Tree

Ever have a picture just jump right out at you? That's what happened when this Baby Jesus Nativity Ornament caught my eye. The ornament itself isn't vintage; it's brand new. But the old-fashioned artwork is straight out of the books I learned to read from back in the 1950s and 1960s.

I know that I'm admitting my age, but I think I'm not the only baby boomer who would love to have this ornament for her Christmas tree. There's just something sentimental about a picture that evokes memories of happier times, those days of youth and innocence that passed us by so long ago.

The Nativity scene is classic and includes Mary and Joseph gazing down at baby Jesus. Even the cow whose hay manger is being used to house the newborn babe is in the picture, amazed at the miraculous events.

The little boy and girl in the foreground are dressed in 1940s or 1950s style and I think the figure on the right is an angel, or perhaps another little girl who is dressed for her role as angel in her church's Christmas Eve program.

The ornament itself is porcelain, printed with the same picture front and back, hanging from a gold cord. It weighs an ounce and a half (sturdy but not too heavy) and measures about three and a third inches high and two and a third inches wide. Reviews are "excellent" and the ornament is guaranteed so if there's a problem, it's easy to send it back.

I've witnessed similar manger scenes played out dozens of times during my lifetime and the story never gets old. That's why I know I would never tire of hanging this beautiful nativity ornament on my old-fashioned Christmas tree.

How about you?

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Woodland Ornaments Advent Calendar

If you appreciate natural materials, cute animals, and seasonal figures like mittens and snowflakes, you'll love this Woodland Ornaments Advent Calendar from Peppersprouts.

Advent Calendar For Nature Lovers

This Woodland Ornaments Advent Calendar is definitely one of the most unique advent calendars that I've ever seen and I love it. If you appreciate woodland characters, components from nature, adorable animals and seasonal figures like mittens and snowflakes, you'll like it, too.

The components for the advent calendar arrive in a large package for safe keeping from year to year. You'll get 25 laser cut and etched figures made from cherry wood. You'll also receive 25 cotton draw string bags, each with a hand-stamped number. Thread the included bakers twine through the hole in each ornament so you can easily hang each wooden shape on your tree then pop an ornament into a bag, tie the bags onto the length of cotton twine that you've strung along the mantel or down the stairway's banister (the twine's also included), and you're ready to start the countdown.

On December 1st, remove bag number one from the twine, open the bag, retrieve the ornament and hang it on your tree. Repeat the process daily as you count down the days until Christmas. The individual ornaments measure approximately 2 by 2 inches, so they're big enough to show up on a good-sized Christmas tree.

The cutout ornaments include a bird house, a squirrel, a barn owl, a snowflake, a stocking, a deer, and even a hedgehog (as you can see in the picture above) just to name a few. The entire list of ornaments with pictures of each is included on the product description page.

This is an heirloom-quality, handmade set that your family will enjoy using for many years. I can picture the cotton bags, tied with twine, in a rustic setting, but the natural materials would look great with any style of decor. The woodland theme is perfect for families who consider themselves nature lovers.

What an opportunity for a family to build a tradition, making memories together as they reveal and talk about each day's ornament. I'd suggest using each item as a conversation starter that will vary each year depending on the ages of the children involved.

To learn more about this outstanding Woodland Ornaments advent calendar from Peppersprouts, just click on the link.

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World Series Champion Chicago Cubs Ornament

Help your favorite Cubs fan remember the season with a 2016 World Series Champions tree ornament. Not that they're likely to forget!
2016 World Series Champions Chicago Cubs Ornament
Wow, what a night!

It was Wednesday, October 14, 1908, when the Chicago Cubs baseball team beat the Detroit Tigers in five games to win their second consecutive World Series.

More than a century later, on November 2, 2016, they won it again. This time the Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians in seven games. Throw in a tied score at the end of the ninth, forcing what turned out to be one extra inning.

Don't forget the rain delay that began just before the tenth inning got underway. (God may or may not be a Cubs fan, but He certainly has a sense of humor!)

For the millions of fans watching both in person and on TV, it felt like the game would never end. But end it did, in an amazing and well-deserved Cubs win and a baseball game that true fans waited a very long time to witness.

For baseball fans, and especially Chicago Cubs baseball fans, help them remember the occasion (though how could they ever forget?) with a Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions glass ball ornament.

Definitely one of the best gift ideas for a sports fan this year.

Quantities are limited. Order yours soon.

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Brass and Gold Santa's Boot Ornament for 2016

Searching for a Christmas ornament that's first class in design, quality, and craftsmanship? Look at this Santa's Boot ornament by ChemArt. Beautiful!
ChemArt Brass and Gold Santa's Boot Ornament for 2016

If you're searching for a Christmas ornament that's absolutely first class in design, quality, and craftsmanship, look at this Santa's Boot ornament. It's gorgeous!

The ornament is made by the award-winning ChemArt Company in solid brass with a 24-karat gold finish.

Look at the details on this beautiful ornament. Did you notice Santa's monogram (SC) on the red boot? The letters are surrounded by screen-printed snowflakes and the boot features detailing in gold, including a gold buckle with red strap, and a black lug sole.

The white cuff of the boot also features gold trim and is adorned with a sprig of green and gold holly with pretty red berries. The boot reveals a hint of what Santa carries with him on his trip each year - toys! Looks like someone is going to receive toy soldiers, candy canes, a sled, a trumpet, and much more.

This 3-inch by 3-inch (approximate) Santa's Boot Ornament is a new design for 2016, so you might want to grab it while you can. What a great idea for a gift for a special family member, friend, or neighbor; an employee, a collector of fine ornaments, or add this to your own personal collection and display it proudly ever year on your own family's Christmas tree.

If it matters to you, and I hope it does, you'll be happy to know that ChemArt is a Veteran Owned Small Business. All of their products are 100% handmade in the U.S.A.

So, what do you say. Will you be adding this Santa's Boot Ornament by ChemArt to your gift list or your wish list?

P.S. Already have this one? See more ChemArt ornaments for 2016 here.

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